All Sales are FINAL , No Refunds  , No Exchanges.

Processing times 


Can I return/refund/exchange/cancel my order?
Resas Collection has a very strict policy; no returns, no refunds, no exchanges, no cancellations etc. Due to the nature of our products, they cannot come back as an exchange or a return.Whether it be storage conditions or misuse of our product, we will not be offering refunds.

I ordered something I did not want/do not need. Can I have a refund?
If you accidentally ordered something you did not want or did not like, we do not offer refunds nor exchanges. 
Can I add or take something off of my order?
After an order has been placed, we cannot adjust, add or take away any items from that order. Our warehouse fulfills orders in an efficient, chronological manner. All orders are dispersed amongst our team and are on the floor being worked on all at once. We would be unable to halt fulfillment to locate an order for adjustment for this reason. 
I accidentally entered an incorrect address at checkout, how do I fix this?
If you entered an incorrect address at checkout, notify us within 24 hours or your order may be fulfilled with an incorrect address and shipped to an incorrect location. We will not offer refunds if your package gets sent to an incorrect address you provided us with.  



    How will my order be shipped?
    You will have the option to select which ever carrier you decide to go with at checkout. All products are calculated and weighed directly through these carriers, pricing is accurate.

    When will my order ship out?
    We are currently processing at 3-5 business days. Not including holidays or weekends. Once your order is placed, a confirmation will be sent to you by email. After your order has shipped, you'll receive a notification of shipment by email. 

    Can I pay for faster shipping?
    To expedite the shipping of your order, please choose any of our priority or express shipping options at the time of checkout. After your order has been processed and fulfilled, we will then ship the order to you with the chosen shipping option. 

    ****IMPORTANT NOTICE: When paying for an expedited form of shipping, you are paying for the shipment to be expedited, not the processing of the order.****

    My product/package is damaged, leaking, broken etc. What should I do?
    Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, the carrier you chose at checkout holds full responsibility of your package. For leaks, broken bottles, damaged packages etc. please contact the carrier you choose at checkout as we do not send broken product to our customers. We take every precaution (tape , peanut bubbles, fragile stickers etc.) to insure your order arrives to you safely.

    My tracking shows delivered but I cant locate my order, what do I do? 
    Contact your local post office immediately. We do not deliver your package nor can we control where it gets delivered. Once your package leaves our fulfillment center, the carrier that was decided on at checkout holds full liability of said package. Resas Collection is NOT responsible or will be HELD responsible for lost/missing/stolen packages/product.

    My package was sent back to Resas Colelction , what should I do? 
    If your package was returned back to us or is being returned back to us, we must first wait to have possession of the package before proceeding with the issue. Once your package is in our possession, we will then invoice you via email for the cost to reship your order. We will not be offering refunds on packages sent back to us. 


    Do you offer shipping outside of the USA?
    Yes, we offer worldwide shipping!

    What shipping option should I pick?
    Please select UPS as the carrier for the most reliable delivery. If selecting USPS as the carrier, choose one of the following: Priority Mall Express International or Priority Mail International. These USPS shipping options are the only ones that issue guaranteed tracking numbers.

    Will Resas Collection pay or reimburse any charges in regards to my package?
    Any charges, customs duties, import fees, taxes etc. are the obligation of the customer. Resas Collection is NOT responsible nor will be held liable for fees post shipment. If these fees are not paid by the buyer and a package is returned to us, you will be required to pay a restocking fee if the product is not wanted OR a second shipping fee to reship your package.

    What currency are your prices in?
    All prices are in ($) USD.

    What is the current processing time for international orders?
    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing of all international orders.


    wholesale orders may take additional time to process due to the labor time from 3-7 days depending on volume of orders

    -When an order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email .  Within 1-5 days of processing, you'll receive another email saying your order has been shipped and a tracking number is provided in that email.